Who We Are

We are 100% committed to quality and CUSTOMER satisfaction. When we thought of setting up a shop and  an  e-commerce website with a unique idea of SHOPPING  like never before , we hoped someday to be part of India’s rich tradition  of SERVICE  & RETAIL sector .Everyday this aspiration drives us. The CITY’S energy binds us together. It drives us to be the BEST. This fairly new grocery store /Café conveniently located in NOIDA , India is one of the BEST stores you will ever visit, you will fall in love with the AMBIENCE

What We Do

Let’s create WONDERS and in our store, imagination becomes reality!!!

 @The Corner Street Store it’s your imagination that speaks. We BELIEVE in thinking beyond boundaries: Dream, Create, Inspire. Imagination is key to everything. And we would be glad to have a little SUPPORT and LOVE from you to make a difference. Let’s make the world of e-commerce a better place. An e-commerce website you can’t live without.