Kohinoor Charminar Everyday Rice, 5 kg


An affordable brand, Kohinoor Charminar is a well-defined blend to delight you and your family at every meal and every occasion. Carefully processed in a world class manufacturing facility for daily consumption, Charminar rice delivers a flavorful and wholesome meal at an affordable price, in line with the brand’s mission of making everyday meals memorable. Ideal for dishes prepared regularly in households like pulao, steamed rice, jeera rice, khichdi and fried rice, these value rice grains help you bring home the flavor of basmati at half the price.

We at Kohinoor, go the extra mile to give you the best – from selecting the fields through a scientific approach to choosing the finest rice grains – we pursue excellence at every step. And we don’t export, reserving the best quality for the Indian subcontinent. After all, Kohinoor is committed to the tradition of bringing authentic Indian flavors to your table. Kohinoor Charminar Rice invites connoisseurs like you to indulge in the magnificent experience and make every meal moment truly special.

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